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$500 holiday bonus cash. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news, on your side. >> the last of the sandy hook shootingy school victims was buried today. the focus shifted toward howing and the debate on to prevent such a tragedy is heating up. as the last of the victims are buried today, a renewed l.bate on gun contro governor chris christie came against posting guards at school. believessomeone who that having multiple armed guards in every school is something that will enhance the learning. the governor responded to the to create aproposal program that would train on gun control. wayne lapierre the best way to ensure safety for children was to have qualified arm security. the only thing that stops a is a good guy gun .ith a gun >> every tired los angeles sheriff deputy agrees. ired los angeles sheriff deputy agrees. debbie wasserman does not it.ieve may have completely ignored and do notunderstand how deeplyy wooded this nation was. nation was.hi sms ,> since the newtown tragedy % of people are likely to support gun control. aremakers in our region o debate the issue safety in our scho
and sandy. some of the big stars in music will do their part to raise money for victims. bruce springsteen billy joel, and many more will perform at madison square garden. the concert will be broadcast on tv and online. you can check out our website, wjla.com, for details. >> the temperature has been up and down. >> are we in for more ? we will let you know. >> you have seen the many headlines dealing with the big stories in the business of government, such as sequestration, cyber security, -- year several stories you may have missed. alan gross, a federal contractor, has been sitting in a jail cell since december 2009 for setting up internet a woman while working on a program. he filed a $60 million lawsuit against his employer and the u.s. government, claiming he was never told of the risks he faced. china's contractors have seen strong growth for european and latin american governments. the international contract association claims growth may slow in 2013 as the economy's deterioration in these countries. the american society of civil engineers recently released a study pointing out the
a tragedy like the shooting at sandy hook elementary. the n.r.a. is not budging from the stance they took on friday calling for armed guards in our school. >> the former undersecretary is working on the n.r.a. for this. he called the armed security a deterrent, an effective way to deter people. >> you provide safety with armed personnel without putting fear in anyone. >> gun violence is down. >> but we have to keep working on this. and there are are lots of different solutions. the pro gun people who say don't include guns are wrong and the pro gun safety people like myself who say don't look at other solutions is wrong. >> it talks about these issues. earlier tonight, i asked rachel's comments from mr. lapierre. >> wayne lapierre came out after a week of silence. he talked about disdain for the media, violent video games and the lack of security at school was part of the problem but avoids guns being part of the problem. what's the reaction from this press conference? >> in washington the reaction was somewhat shocked by the news conferenc
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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